Who We Are?


Welcome to the First Ever Complete Water Refilling Station Supermarket in the Philippines, The Bluewaters, Investing small, winning big…

As every drop of water is worth conserving, so is every cent worth saving. With your hard-earned money, never settle for only good or even better quality, for in water refilling station, there is such a thing as perfection. For all your diversified water refilling station business needs, from the most affordable, highly profiting starter package and complete water equipment, here is the most innovative water-transforming technology that results in a life-changing wellness for you, for your family and for the entire country.

We’re Complete.
Rising with the demand for the healthiest, cleanest, cost effective, and most trusted water refilling station needs, Bluewaters rises beyond the traditional and common producers and distributors of water purification systems that offer quality and affordable products and services. Bluewaters goes the extra mile by making it personal, providing special insights, assuring success and your peace of mind every step of the way, and for the first time, works with your budget, not the other way around.

We’re Complete.
We have everything you need, whether it is purified reverse osmosis or safe mineral water. From the complete line of equipment down to the last detail of supplies, you have our guarantee that it is of the highest caliber. Leading technological innovations for a cleaner and healthier future, Bluewaters offers the ultimate convenience by being the reliable one-stop supplier of all your water refilling station business needs, wherever you are in the Philippines

You can Trust us.
Our commitment is to earn the loyalty of every consumer by ensuring pride in every purchase. Our people are our assets and you’ll know when you talk to anyone from Bluewaters. We are the industry’s veteran experts with technical and marketing personnel boasting more than 25 years of extensive experience in water purification and the best innovations in a water refilling station. With our experience and good will, service quality and satisfaction are not just a guarantee, they are a lifetime passion.