Water Refilling Station Business—success attributes.


There are many things that can contribute to the success of your water refilling station – water business knowledge, hands on sales management, effective marketing strategies and passion to make the business successful.

Traffic from the Right Market

Justbecause there are more than a hundred households in your prospective area doesn’t mean they are all included in your market. Make it a point to roam around the area where you can deliver, and try classifying households according to type (condominiums, apartments, small to medium sized households). You should also see if there are many business establishments within the vicinity. From this potential market, try to figure out which ones are keen on purchasing mineral waterand those who need just purified water or bottle refilling.
To determine the main product your water refilling station business will be offering, you should first survey the surrounding neighborhood and check out its inhabitants. This will also allow you to assess the sustainability of your business in that area.

Competition in the Location

Check competing water refilling stations in your potential location, and try to count the number of water stations. Don’t be discouraged if there are several stations. If there is a booming market and there are just one or two water stations within the area, there might be room for one more.

Also, observe the activities of your competitors to see how their business is faring. Try observing them for an entire week at different times of the day to establish consistency. If you notice a continuous flow of deliveries and busy personnel all throughout the day, this means that there is a great demand for water in this area and the existing water station is swamped with orders. This a good sign, and you can enter the market to help balance the demand with supply.

The Safe Zone

You don’t want your water refilling station located in a flood-prone area or a place where the crime rate is unusually high. While it would be difficult or dangerous for you to observe these things yourself, you can talk with the neighborhood “regulars” in the area, such as street vendors.

Familiarizing yourself with the area is not just helpful to you in terms of minimizing risks to your business – it would also help you when negotiating for rent with the shop’s landlord. If you observe your location properly, you can determine whether your store needs to have elevated floors to avoid floods or if you need to install better security systems. If your store location appears to have some undesirable features, you can use these to help discuss rental fees with your landlord to create a deal that is amenable to both of you.

If you are just planning the construction or the relocation of your business, it pays to do your research.Exerting effort, meticulous planning, and studying your market will help your business prevail.