Making a Water Station Business Affordable and Successful


Nowadays, plunging into the water refilling station business is not the potential entrepreneur’s biggest challenge; it’s how you rise above the water and make it successful.

Sure, providing water will remain a lucrative business for as long as there is water, but consumers’ demand is as great as the number of providers, so there’s usually one water station on every corner of the road.

Even with the great competition, it doesn’t mean you don‘t have a chance to get a share of the pie. In fact, you can still quench your thirst for not just low-capital business but also a highly profiting one at that. Maximize Your Budget

Franchising branded water refilling stations can cost you at least PHP 500,000, and this amount covers the technology and the brand name only. But this high cost comes with the assurance of the brand’s popularity, making marketing or branding the least of your concerns. Franchise fees cover only the equipment and other value added services. However, if your budget doesn’t fit the bill, there are still plenty of options since the road to success is, as always, not just one.

How low is low and how affordable is affordable? With trending innovations, you can actually afford your own quality water refilling even if your budget is about PHP 100,000. The space needed is smaller and so is the operation cost. You just have to scout for the perfect water refilling station supplier. If you can get fashionable and quality clothes for a surprisingly low price, the same goes for all your water station needs.

That means sourcing your own equipment, technology and all other services to a verifiable supplier can dramatically lessen your expenses. This also enables you to still sell water with the same quality, if not better, as that of your celebrity competitors, and at a lower cost to produce. . The best part is you can come up with your own water station name and gain fame all on your own.

Quality is Everything

In every business, “quality” sets you apart and propels your business forward in the long run. In a water refilling station, quality can mean having the latest technology in water purification or the newest filtration system.

One of the most common is the reverse osmosis technology which produces purified water and the mineralized water.

Regardless of your chosen system, do your machines function efficiently? Was it manufactured using high standard quality parts? Does it consume heavy electricity and has waste water? You can’t risk answering a “no” to these questions if you are serious about quality. Please always check even the smallest details, such as the tightness of seals of your plastic containers, the promptness of deliveries, and whether your customers get exactly what they order. Constant sanitation accreditation is also a must if you want to regularly boost your quality operation.

Ensuring quality in service is the best way you can establish a loyal base of customers. Even if they try other brands, you’ll be sure they’ll go back to you because you guarantee quality in your products and services, which translates to the ultimate value for money that everyone is looking for nowadays.

Also, customers love convenience, so your water refilling station should offer the best water quality and best form of water at a very affordable price.

Find your Well of Wealth

Normally, a going concern water station can earn up to an average of PHP 50,000 and up monthly which means it will only take a few months or at least a year to recover your investment. All it takes is to primarily find your well of wealth, and the brains behind your much-dreamt-about water refilling station that can help your business succeed, from conceptualization to upgrades.

The best water station equipment supplier are those who not only guarantee affordability, but also offer complete sources for all your water refilling station needs, as well as a proven system of high returns, as testified by more than a hundred loyalists.


It’s hard to track the latest innovations nowadays but you can be sure that the technology is evolving to make water not just cheaper, but also healthier. All you have to do is just find your income well.