Choosing the Right Water Refilling Station Business


Your own water refilling station business begins with passion, capital and a water source.

Franchising big names in the business is a good choice, but you should be financially ready for the big tag price that comes along.

Whether you decide to franchise or be an independent water station owner, you need the right set of ammunition to be ready for battle. Knowing how and where to choose your ammo can actually win you the war even before it starts. Choose the Complete and Efficient Technology System

The business of water refilling depends highly on the technology’s reliability. It’s not about being the most expensive; it’s about choosing the latest technology with the most effective, dependable, durable and cost-effective version.

The traditional steps involve several filtration stages, softening and further disinfecting where different components of the water purifying equipment are used as filters, membranes, pumps, piping, controls etc. Make sure to understand the most important processes, which should never be neglected.

The pre-filtering and sediment filtering stages remove both large and small particles (sand, rust, even the smallest impurities as small as 1 micron in size). Activated granulated carbon filters are for eradicating traces of chemicals, such as chlorine and other organic chemicals that can affect the taste of water and also cause bad smell.

An ion and cat-ion exchange results to an exchange of hard minerals to soft minerals, usually dissolving heavy traces of lead, mercury etc. or reducing magnesium and calcium.

UV sterilization further kills bacteria and virus and other disease causing micro-organism. As it passes cartridges, nets and foams you can be sure that the water is potable and safe to drink.

At the heart of the most common water refilling station technology is the reverse osmosis membrane, which can remove large molecules and ions through pressure retaining a pure solvent. It’s definitely effective in purifying, although due to the heavy purification process, it is questionable whether it retains or also dissolves even the other important minerals that water should have.

The supplier should explain thoroughly the equipment and technology they offer.

The more kinds of water their technology can efficiently produce, the better. Efficiency can be characterized by new innovations which result in lowering the electricity consumption, the water wasted in the process (reverse osmosis wastes as much as 60% of the water) and the space required to house such a technology (would you need an entire building to house an entire water refilling station plant?) should work at a smaller space (this is where innovation and creativity in the water station plan comes in).

While it should guarantee the above mentioned processes, there are also other better offers. In a water refilling station business, a better technology should deliver high performance at low costs. High performance should translate to the efficiency of the equipment, parts, machines etc.

A smart water station business owner can import the technology, master the innovation from abroad and strictly take over the manufacturing locally to dramatically bring down the cost, which makes up for the next criterion.
Genuinely Affordable and Flexible Packages

It is genuinely understandable to have a water refilling station business machine at a price of half a million, years ago when high technology in water purifying was just budding.

Remarkable innovations however paved way for other industry players that can offer better technology at a better price that is affordable even for start-up business owners.

Genuinely affordable are those prices that are lower compared to those of other suppliers. The average price to own a water refilling station used to be PHP 700,000 but you can go as low as a PHP 100,000 now to have your water refilling machine, in a smaller space at a lower operating cost.
At the end of the day, always compare the different options. If the supplier allows flexible payment schemes, that’s worth great points.

Extended Support. Finally, choosing your water refilling station business supplier is about the added mileage, the perks, and the added bonuses you get from availing of these business packages other than the water station technology. It can be a free installation, full training and marketing support and other business


enhancementtips. Also, the standard requirements as the accreditation from health sanitation authorities, history of the company, the people behind the company and the current customer numbers of the company will always bemandatory to consider.
Have faith indeed that if you seek really hard and work hard, you’ll find the right answers. Sometimes, they are more than what you prayed for.