Bluewaters Supermarket Offers Innovative Services, Products and Profits in a Water Refilling Station Business Today


Most water refilling station businesses bank on their names; others brag about their cheap rates while some edges in unquantifiable experience. In an age where “aqua” is the name dominating almost every water station, it’s hard to see past the branding and the marketing. If you stay focused on the other side you’ll lose sight of the gem shining from another angle. Offering a unique technology that has been innovated globally and further improved locally to quench the thirst of the Pinoys for an effective, high quality and affordable investment and natural clean and healthy water, BLUEWATERS SUPERMARKET is out to prove that there’s more to a water refilling station than a popular name.

Water Station at P80,000

What’s the point of too many purification stages if it’s not useful to many? Overpriced water purifying systems are over-reaching when they sell at around PHP 200,000 to PHP P500,000. A large set up as this can take years to reap benefits and costs more to maintain. The reason they are overpriced is because they import everything without mastering the concept and when the system breaks down, it will take longer to repair, even to find the replacement of the parts. At BLUEWATERS SUPERMARKET, water station starts at amazing PHP 80,000.

The people behind BLUEWATERS SUPERMARKET on the other hand are investing in a technology that they have mastered from western countries and bringing it here in the Philippines. Assembling of the parts is done here in the Philippines to guarantee the craftsmanship required for water refilling and purifying equipment to last. Hence, the cost is dramatically cheaper for a “Pinoy pride” system with zero franchise fee.

Water Refilling Station in atleast 10sqm. space production area…
You can scout for a minimum store area requirement and you’ll find it’s never smaller than 20 sqm. Bluewaters supermarket offers a processor that can fit in a 10 sqm office space since it
can be hung on walls. It doesn’t even require a water tank or a motor pump as opposed to a bigger machine that would need a larger space.

Low Electric Consumption and Zero Water Waste…
To maximize the savings in the long run, Bluewaters also guarantees low electric consumption for safe mineral water station with no water wasted and hardly any maintenance and parts replacements with a technology that is easy to understand and is good to last for years.


The people behind BLUEWATERS are not trained salesmen, not those who just tried their luck in the water refilling station industry and imported a “technology”, not even close to those who claim to have decades of experience, for here are experts who have been involved in the beginning— throughout the long-standing evolution in the water industry. From being the pioneers to sell the first domwater purifying technology, they are innovators in water station industry.